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CCI Racing

Along with serving our customer base of manufacturing companies CCI has also developed a cutting edge Late Model chassis designed for short track asphalt racing. With over 30 years of experience in racing we have created a premium chassis with easy maintenance, low cost, and repeatability in mind. What sets this chassis above the rest is the amount of effort that went into the fixture and jig development. Our superior fixtures and jigs allow us to fabricate a part to precise dimensions over and over again. This results in a final product that reacts exactly how you expect it to. Aside from the chassis we also fabricate a large portion of the necessary suspension and steering components in house using the same precision for maximum repeatability and performance. We encourage anyone interested in the sport to reach out with any questions no matter how basic or nuanced. We understand information is hard to gather in this sport and want to make it as accessible as possible for everyone. We are also a licensed Motor State Distributor supplying parts for various forms of racing.

Our Work

Customizable Spindle_edited

Customizable Spindle

2023-10-17 21.33.43

CCI Front Clip

2023-08-31 22.11.01

CCI Center Link & House Car


CCI Lowers


2021 CCI Chassis

About Us

CCI Racing, located in Randleman, NC, is owned and operated by Nelson Ingram IV. Nelson is an expert machinist & fabricator and has been in the racing industry for nearly 30 years. After years of working and racing in divisions from local Street Stock and Late Model Stock all the way up to NASCAR Truck Series,  Nelson and his team turned their focus to providing racers with an easy and accurate way to measure front end geometry for LMSC chassis beginning with the Dynamic Chassis Measuring System


Using lessons learned from the DCMS, Nelson and the CCI team began fabricating custom components and even building/installing full front & rear clips on existing chassis. In 2017, Nelson and his team finalized plans and began production of the complete and all-new CCI Racing LMSC Chassis. Hundreds of hours of engineering time have gone into a meticulously designed chassis that is built tough, easy to work on, and most importantly, FAST.


There are no smoke and mirrors at CCI Racing. Using advanced 3-D modeling technology, you will know exactly how your new car is designed and know precisely all of the values of your front end geometry. Whether you're just looking for replacement parts, repairing your existing chassis, or looking to get behind the wheel of the newest LMSC on the market; CCI Racing has you covered.

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