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Coming Soon! Real Information for Asphalt Racing.

Welcome to our new blog. I am Nelson (Sonny) Ingram and along with my two sons Nelson and Evan we operate a machine and fabrication business. We are also racers, in particular perimeter chassis late model stock type cars. I have been involved in racing since the 80's from dirt cars to Winston Cup, yes it was still Winston cup when I was involved. My frustration with the lack of real information about set ups for local short track racing and the fact that my son Nelson told me I needed to is the reason we are going to start this blog. I have found a lot of theory online but not much hard information for people that want to get involved in our sport. I would like to share what I have learned over the past 35 years with new participants to help their learning curve as well as remind some of us old guys of things that we may have forgotten. I am planning on choosing a particular topic every week or two and share what we do and what we have learned here at CCI. I will go ahead and tell you that there are no Silver Bullets for race cars. The car needs to be set up correctly and the driver has to do his job as well to be successful. Also remember that we race for fun, so we are not throwing tons of money at it. I will tell you right up front that we work very hard at the shop so we do not have to work on them at the track. We also try to be very diligent about maintenance and minimizing mechanical failures as much as possible. I will start this series next week discussing and explaining bump steer. I learned back in 2009 that a lot of short track cars had a lot of bump steer as well as ackerman when I was measuring them on the DCMS featured in the November 2009 issue of Circle Track magazine. Please join us next time and I will try to give you something useful to help you run better.

Thanks for checking us out.

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